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ou posted an image purporting to be from the holocaust but is in fact a picture from  Russia 1905 … Germans have enough slander to put up with already and considering it was Dr Alfred Rosenberg (German cultural minister) who in 1939 February opposed settling Jews in Palestine  because they would turn it into a centre of unrest i think it is high time that fact is capitalised upon.. 


I was not aware of this sorry I hope this clears it up :)

chaotic-idealist-deactivated201 asked: Hey I just wanted to say that I was browsing through your blog today and I really admire your compassion :) I am totally against injustice and I am very a strong believer of human rights. I do hope that the Israel/Palestinian conflict is resolved soon. It's heartbreaking to hear about the many civilians who get killed every day. It's sad to think that this happens almost all over the world :(

Thanks so much for your support, it’s great to know that there are so many people that have similar views on these issue. This is the kind of good that social media can do for society as a whole. We live our day to day lives often afraid to speak out on these topics for fear of being judged unkindly and for fear of being alone in these opinions. But here you know you have so many people behind you and that can instill a courage in those afraid to stand up for what they believe in.

pdrennan asked: amazing blog! i also followed you on my soon to be more active dissident political blog, thedailydissident... your blog is an inspiration to human rights, and is very powerful in communicating the right messages. keep up spreading awareness of this absolutely dire situation.

wow thanks, that means a lot to me :)

I have to start posting more again.

Anonymous asked: i'm moeslim from indonesia,, we always pray to ALLAH.. to all moeslims in the word " SAFE PALESTINE ".. Allahuakbarr...

Salam! :)

inshallah Palestine will be free!

Allahu akbar.

mrsrobinsonsghost asked: hello :) im just letting you know that i posted [on facebook] that pic you have on your blog of "an israeli soldier stepping on a little girls chest" and it is not what it says it is. i got a ton of shit for posting it so i did a little checking and the picture is of street theater in bahrain ... if you google "do israeli defense forces use ak-47s?" the first article to come up is about this very picture! zionists are pigs so i believed it to sorry. have a nice day :)

I don’t remember which picture this was so I can’t delete it but yeah, here’s this.


GAZA STRIP—A Palestinian man prays in Khan Younis camp. He awaits permission to pass through an Israeli checkpoint at the entrance of Gush Oatif, 2003.

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Free Palestine end the occupation. And no, being Pro-Palestinian doesn’t make you anti-Jewish.

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Anonymous asked: hey whoever called you anti-semetic is an idiot because Arabs are semites as well. the person who called you anti-semetic is the type of person who would probably call any German who disagrees with he/she a Nazi. that is all!

Exactly. Just because we oppose your political view points, doesn’t mean we are against your religion. 

We have nothing against Jewish people or Israelis, but are very against their dangerous ideology and government’s actions.

Thank you, I hope you’re well!

andmarwaslike asked: Hi. I was browsing through the Israel tag earlier, and saw your mistake, and I was really offended. But then I browsed through it again and saw your apology. I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciated that. It's really difficult to differentiate when statements like that one are someone misspeaking, and when someone actually means it. So thank you for taking the time to clear that up. I may not always agree with you, but I respect your doing that. It went a long way :)

Thank you, I honestly didn’t want to offend anyone. It was such a bad mistake that when I saw it I was so shocked I made that mistake. And I thank the person who said something because otherwise I would have never noticed. I hope they understand that I didn’t mean it at all.

I am really sorry, but thank you for this message and hope everyone else sees that it was only a mistake and not the opinion of anyone from this blog!

Hope you’re doing well. 

Anonymous asked: I'm sorry...what happened in Nazi Germany is "not as severe" as what is going on in Palestine? Are you out of your fucking mind? This proves that you're delusional and have NO sense of history. Is this because you're okay with the deaths of Jews but not with the deaths of Arabs? Because that's hypocritical. I'm not okay with the deaths of anyone, and I'm ashamed that you would make such a brash statement. Hate isn't productive to your cause, bro, so grow up if you actually want peace.

No, that was a mistake which is fixed. I’m sorry, I’m really sick and tired and wrote it completely wrong. I meant that what’s going on in Palestine isn’t as sever as what happened in Nazi Germany. I’m sorry if that offended anyone and take full responsibility for that mistake.

No, I am absolutely not okay with the death of anybody. I don’t believe any ethnic or religious group is more valuable than another. No human life is more valuable than another. 

Like I said, I am really sorry to have offended anyone. Thank you for catching that mistake of mine.

The anons questions was deleted by accident.

However, I am just going to say that just because something is considered an asymmetrical warfare doesn’t justify the horrendous actions of a countries actions.

Examples of asymmetrical warfare:

Doesn’t justify the soviet union’s invasion

Doesn’t justify the Nazi occupation.

Does this change anything? No, Israel is still committing war crimes. Still breaking the Geneva convention and human rights laws.

Anonymous asked: The settlements don't steal Gaza's water supply because they're in the West Bank, not near Gaza.

I was generalizing. I wasn’t referring specifically to Gaza.

Anonymous asked: What's going on in Palestine is NOTHING like what happened in the Holocaust. The Palestinians are NOT being rounded up and sent into camps and being gassed and starved and forced to work until they eventually just fall over and die. There are no medical experiments, no systematic separation of the weak and strong. And when Israel does take prisoners, they are well taken care of in prison. Compare the Palestinian prisoners to Shalit. You are a little girl with no sense of history.

Yes, what happened to the people in the holocaust is much more sever as to what is happening to the Palestinians, however that is no excuse to treat them as less then human.

To say that they are well taken care of is such a false and distorted perception of life for Palestinians in Israeli jails. These jails are said to be one one of the worst prison conditions of all developed countries, continuously breaking the Geneva convention.

Palestinian civilians are bombed by illegal weapons day in and day out. Their homes are demolished at will, friends and families have been separated due to the apartheid wall, humanitarian aid is not only denied access into the gaza strip which is in desperate need of these items, but the activists on the ships are murdered, dentained and injured by the Israel soldiers.

Humanitarian aid is so badly needed in the gaza strip, their medical supplies are quickly running out and said to be 80% out of stock. While Illegal settlements steal nearly all their water supplies.

Children are detained, tortured and murder by Israeli soldiers, bombs are planted in Palestinian schools.

The list goes on, so don’t try and condone the actions of the Israeli government against the Palestinians. It’s inhumand, wrong and unjust.

Also, this blog is not run by a little girl, it’s run by various people. You don’t know me to make the kind of assumptions that you’re making. I actually very much love the study of history and am quite good at it.