Who built Al Aqsa Mosque?

Who built the Aqsa Mosque is a question that is answered primarily from Muslim traditions. This is important because it will explain the high status of The Mosque to Muslims. There are three theories based on several hadiths and verses from the Quran:

  • That Prophet Adam built al Haram (in Mecca) then 40 years later built Al Masjid Al Aqsa (in Jerusalem), adding him to our list of Prophets who were in Palestine at some point.
  • That Prophet Abraham built both, again with a 40 year interval in between. Or that he built al Haram and his son Ishmael or his grandson Jacob built Al Aqsa.
  • That Prophet David started building Al Aqsa, to be finished by his son Prophet Solomon (this is only based on Jewish Scripture).

The common ground in all theories for most Muslims is that:

  • A Muslim Prophet (as they claim all Prophets are Muslims) built the Al Aqsa following Allah’s orders making the mosque sacred.
  • That the period between Al Haram and Al Aqsa was 40 years signifying a connection between the two.

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