The beginning of the Israelites

Prophet Israel (Jacob) later had 11 sons (some sources say in Palestine, some say in Haran in southern Turkey) which include Prophet Joseph. Prophet Joseph then had an incident with his brothers and found his way into Egypt. Jacob then had his 12th son Benjamin. Those 12 sons are known in arabic as (الاسباط).

Prophet Joseph had quite a tale in Egypt (we won’t go into detail as its not directly related to Palestine). Eventually however he called upon his father to migrate to Egypt to live with him.

At this point Jacob along with his 11 other sons, their wives and their children (an estimated 72 people) migrated to Egypt and setteled there to become The Israelites (بني اسرائيل).

At this point the Heksos were in power in Egypt, and due to their reletive religious tolerance the Israelites were able to worship God for about 150 years up to when the Pharoah King Ahmos I kicked the Heksos out of Egypt and started the era of the Pharoahs.

The Pharoas however had no religious tolerance at all. They even considered the Israelites as traitors who tried to aid the Heksos. For 300 years the Israelites were prosecuted very heavily. And its this prosecution that changed them forever and gave them a ‘prosecuted mentality’ and many of the negative traits the Israelites are known for (by both Islamic and Jewish sources) and which will become apparent as the story continues.

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